Welcome to my Portfolio

Hi, I am a Front-end Web Developer currently working predominantly in AngularJS and PHP.
I am also a Flash / Flex / Actionscript Developer with experience in everything from AIR Desktop Software Development to Mobile App development for Android & iPhone.

This website is my dedicated portfolio/sandbox, and contains some of my latest projects, both commercial and personal, so please have a look around.

This site was created with the Zend 2 PHP framework, and uses AngularJS for javascript requirements and web apps.

Recent projects

Flash Mobile App (compiled as native app)

A Mobile App project for Web Sights. This app provides content from the Young Nails website, including a full-screen sliding gallery.

Joomla3 PHP Website

Macadamia House sell macadamia products, write children's books and run various events and farm tours. This site includes a custom Joomla template, responsive design and shopping cart integration.

Flash Web App

A Web App project for Snowball Internet. The app allows users to search a veneer database by keyword and filter results based on colour, origin, cut type etc. It also uses animations to demonstrate the different matching options (book, butt etc).

AIR Desktop Software

An AIR Desktop Software project for Fibatron with custom AIR Native Extesions for windows that allow for serial port communication. The software operates an aluminium/steel frame notching machine using user input and configurable processes.

Zend2 PHP Website

Fibatron are a filtration production company who deal largely with the wholesale market. The website allows for all levels of order and product administration, as well as production management via an AngularJS Web App designed specifically for iPad usage.

Flash Mobile App (compiled as native app)

A Mobile App project for Web Sights. This app allows users to search for restaurants/cafes using an advanced search form or by nearest location (which uses the device's geolocation data to calculate results).

Flash Web App

A Web App project for Web Sights. The website allows restaurants/cafes etc. to register and list their details on the site. This project included multiple Flash Web Apps including: advanced search, subscription form and paid listing editor.